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Beverly Farmer

Morning Traffic

Who Am I? Beverly Farmer, Morning Traffic

Some People call me... that’s Steve Miller..they call me Bev

Personal Theme Song: Theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Best Album in my Collection: Can’t possibly pick just one

Favorite Song to Sing Out loud: I’m a Believer

Favorite Song to Sing ALONE: They all sound great when I sing them alone.

Favorite Night Of The Week: Friday, even though I tend to fall asleep early despite the excitement of it all.

Celebrity Crush: Donny Osmond (since I was 8), David James Elliot

Favorite Sports Jersey: Redskins and Air Force Academy

Pizza - Cold or Hot? 1st hot, then leftover cold for breakfast

If I could invite anyone to dinner (dead or alive), it would be: My Dad

What is my most annoying habit? correcting others

If I won a Million Dollars... First, VACATION…then, I’d still work, but part time and I’d be able to help some of my favorite causes and be financially secure.

If?I Won a Grammy... I would thank...? God, Mom and Dad, Mr. Batten, my high school choir teacher..wait a minute…Grammy? Me? Who am I kidding?!?

If I weren’t in Radio...I'd be... teaching, doing PR work or giving directions at the Welcome Center

Why I LOVE WINC FM…It’s more than just good music (and it is good), it’s real people having fun and being part of a community. I’m proud to be a small part of that.

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