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Cindy Maguire


Middays 9am - 2pm
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My daughter leaves for college this Friday, August 15, 2014.
We have purchased many things for her to take with her.  
According to the article below, there are some you
may think your child needs, but in reality they may not.  


If your kid's heading off to college this month, there are probably a lot of things you have to buy for them.  But according to an expert, here are seven things you might NOT want to buy, because they're probably just a waste of money.



1.  A printer.  Obviously it's not BAD to have one.  But most homework can be emailed now.  And if they NEED to print something, they can always do it at the computer lab.



2.  A tablet.  The cheap ones can't do everything a laptop can.  And the ones that CAN do everything are still really expensive.  So a computer is good enough.



3.  A big-screen TV.  Teenagers watch most stuff on their computers now anyway.  So having a TV is nice, but they don't NEED one.



4.  New clothes.  Especially if they're a freshman.  Let's face it . . . they'll probably gain weight this year.  So buy them a FEW things, just not a whole new wardrobe.



5.  A mini fridge.  They won't be cooking anyway, so it'll just be for Hot Pockets and beer.  Again, it's something that's NICE to have, but probably not necessary.



6.  An external hard drive.  Unless they're editing videos or something, they probably won't need it.  If they need to back stuff up, they can get free storage online.



7.  An iron, and an ironing board.  99% of college kids NEVER iron their clothes.  If they do, it's a fire hazard anyway.



Early Years:

Born in Washington, D.C.,Cindy (like Barry Lee) grew up in Fairfax, Virginia
She went to Oakton High School, but ended up graduating from Strasburg High
School.  She decided she enjoyed living in the Shenandoah Valley
area and claimed it as her permanent home.


Cindy's radio career started when she won a contest and stopped by the
station to claim her prize.  Since she was taking General studies courses in
college and had no idea what she wanted to do, she applied for a job
as an "Office Manager" position and the rest is history.  She has worked
at a few stations in the DC area and is happy to call 92.5 WINC her forever


Cindy loves to do
anything outside!  In the warmer months, she loves to ride
her motorcycle, work in the yard, hang by the pool, ride horses, play golf, and head to the beach.
For the cooler months of the year, she loves to hit the slopes and of course
bundle up and head to a Redskin game....she is a huge fan of the Redskins and
always will be!  Go Burgandy and Gold!!!!

Family life:

Cindy is a proud mother
of 2 beautiful daughters that
keep her young at heart and her bank account
She also has 2 dogs and 3 cats at the moment that

have been rescued. 


You can hear Cindy all hours of the day, but her
normal time is now 9am-2pm weekdays.
She does her best to get you through the slow part of your day! 



Flashing back to the "big hair of the 80's" days...
Here I am when I was 16 years old with my bff's...



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