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Special Olympics VA Polar Plunge 2012
Cindy and Lisa took the plunge
One of the winners of the costume contest 11
Photo 20 of 41

No need to explain way to do so 12

Teams waiting to plunge 7

Warmth 32

We did it!9

Whooohooo! 37

Wow! What a rush! 41

Yummmm!!! 39

Ready, set, go!4

Look! 15

This is how far you have to go 30

WINC Ladies 26

Plungers 13

Preparing ourselves 16

Let's do this!6

Very cold.... 19

May I have your attention please...29

She is cold...5

The WINC Ladies 1

Lisa and one of Vanilla Ice 17

One of the winners of the costume contest 11

Lots of this around 21

Cindy and Lisa took the plunge 33

Are we really gonna do this 36

Dale City Moose with the WINC Ladies10

Getting ready to plunge 3

I can win this 40

Inside enjoying the warmth 20

Here's to you! 38

gathering around to plunge 24

I have no idea 22

Getting ready to plunge 2

Freezin for a Reason8

Can we say cold 18

Calm before the storm 27

Food and drink 35

Angry Birds and sling shot 25

Getting ready 14

Enjoying the deck area 23

Cindy is coming to arrest you! 28

Angry Birds 34

Don't ask 31