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Super Pet Expo 3-16-2012
Paula Kidwell at Super Pet Expo!!!
Please mom 9
Photo 18 of 26

Paula Kidwell at the Super Pet Expo 1

Too sweet...15

That's feels good 14

What's over there 21

Thanks for carrying me 18

Good dog...26

Hello! 5

I love my mommy 19

Hungry 2

I want a treat...22

Nice to meet you 25

Hi 11

Paula Kidwell 17

Too cute! 16

Wanna play 4

Hand painted wine glasses 20

How cute! 24

Please mom 9

So I can spin this and win 23

Look at those ears...13

One of many dogs at the Super Pet Expo 6

Peticature 3

Can't I just rest a minute 8

Nice to meet you 7

Ok, I'm what 10

Hot dog!!12