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Chris Roth

Evenings 7pm - 12midnight

Early Years:

Chris was born in Silver Spring, Maryland and raised down the road in
(what was then) a little town called Olney.  He graduated from Sherwood High School a long time ago.


Chris’ career started at a tiny little radio station in Gaithersburg, Maryland
and then another tiny little radio station in Rockville, Maryland. 
In the late 90’s, Chris was here on WINC-FM on the weekends. 
His career moved him to a night show in Washington, DC,
owning radio stations in the deep south, and managing great stations
in the Washington, DC area and North Carolina. 
He is now proud to be back with WINC-FM as Director of Programming,
and of course, spending each night with you!


Chris likes to bowl – specifically duckpin bowling.  Ever heard of it? 
If not – go to 
You’ll get it.  It’s a dying sport, but so much fun. 
He also enjoys a good round of golf, and travel to
exciting places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and wherever else gambling is allowed.    

Favorite TV:
Chris loves Family Guy, and walks around the office quoting episodes all day long. 
He also enjoys the “reboot” of Dallas on TNT. 
Chris’ guilty pleasures include The Price is Right, The Love Boat, and WKRP in Cincinnati. 


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