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Jim Stutzman Chevrolet Ride For The Children

When a child cannot live with his or her family of origin, and the child will not thrive in a foster or adoptive family, the Evans Home offers an alternative. They create an environment that is as "family-like" as possible. They are committed to providing nurturing, supportive substitute care. Their children grow into productive members of society with the help of the rich resources of their Home and their community. They are devoted to each child's welfare and to the mission that no child in need be ignored. They make certain that their children know they are loved and cared for,
that they dream of a future, and that they fashion their dreams into goals.
The Evans Home depends on the generosity of its many friends to provide its children with the resources that enrich their lives and nurture their spirits. The Home does not employ professional fund-raising services and offers contributors the satisfaction of knowing that 87.5 cents of every dollar given is used to meet the needs of previously abused, neglected, and/or homeless children and to care for them as you would if they were in your home.

Cindy Maguire (radio personality) of Centennial Broadcasting wants to help make a difference. She will be joined by Barbara Groves (owner of Grove’s Winchester Harley Davidson) and Jeanett Dillion (Events/Marketing Coordinator at Grove’s) on the
92.5 WINC FM/Jim Stutzman Chevrolet
Grove’s Winchester Harley Davidson Ride For the Children

benefitting The Evans Home For Children.

The trip will commence on September 11, 2013 from Winchester, Virginia. The ladies will ride to Ocean City, Maryland and spend five (5) days riding around the Eastern Shores of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware to try to achieve a minimum of riding 1,000 miles and return to Winchester on September 15, 2013

Make checks payable to and send tax deductible donations to:
The Henry & William Evans Home For Children
c/o Centennial Broadcasting
PO Box 3300
Winchester, Virginia 22604

The "Ride For The Children"
is the lead in and kick off to an event
"Rock For The Children"
happening November 9, 2013
at Blue Fox Billiards
where local bands perform
with all the proceeds benefitting
The Evans Home For Children.
By donating to "The Ride For The Children"
you will also get recognition for your
generousity at
"Rock For The Children"

Thanks to our generous donators so far!

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